Review of our first weekend in Italy

January 2023

DeLeones Tango Orquesta

1/22/20231 min read


It is with open ears and arms that the Italian public warmly welcomed us during our first visit to the country.

On Friday we played our first date in Borghetto Santo Spirito in a milonga organized by Sara Torricelli, Gianni Loppi and Gigi Canavese. The Italian public immediately gave the tone of the hospitality that would await us during these three days. Salutations to the people of Nice who came to support us during this concert.

Saturday morning we hit the road for Milan, and played in the Zotto Tango Academy. Mythical place of the Tango culture in Milan, carried by Daiana Guspero and Miguel Angel Zotto, we met this famous couple of dancers and were received like kings, as well by the organizers as by the Milanese public. Anecdote: At the moment of performing our arrangement of Zum, Patricio Bonfliglio played with the bandoneon of Arturo Penon, the first bandoneon in the line of bandoneons of Osvaldo Pugliese's Orchestra. Zotto is the current owner of this historic instrument, an honor and a rich experience for the whole orchestra.

On Sunday, January 15, we concluded this first weekend of concerts of the year 2023 in Turin. This evening, sold-out as the day before, was organized by Alfonso Aldobaraldo. Once again, the reception was friendly and impeccable. We had the pleasure to have in the audience Miguel Acosta, great musician of Argentine folk music.

With all these beautiful meetings, we can now announce that these first dates in Italy will not be the last. We'll keep you posted...

A big thank you to everyone for the welcome, and especially to Sara and Gianni, who actively participated in the successful running of the weekend.

It is recharged of energy that our 10 musicians returned to Lyon, ready to make resound even more strongly the Tango that we defend via our orquesta tipica in 2023.

Best wishes for this new year y Viva el Tango.

Photo: Agata Choosy Grillo